Host, General and Business English Teacher, Career Advisor, Translator

28577701_1645662658836363_3660362548497216072_nI’m Natalie Lesley Calabrese with a degree in Retail Marketing and a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Management. I am a qualified Business English and General English Teacher and Translator. As a teacher, I help my students with interview and CV preparation as well as guiding them towards becoming their better selves. This is the aspect I mostly like about my work. I have previously worked in sales and recruitment gaining strong business acumen. My passion for the arts and life-long learning encourages me to explore new fields, while improving my knowledge and awareness of the world around me. Contact me so that I may help you out with…

  1. Completing assigned tasks and responsibilities to customary or specified standards within a certain timeframe;
  2. Creating a healthy and interesting network, while representing your company at trade fairs and meetings;
  3. Conducting research, analysis and creating business plans, contracts, reports;
  4. Translating from Italian to English and English to Italian company private documents, brochures, websites, magazines and other;
  5. Guiding you throughout the job selection phase, creating your CVs, preparing you for interviews, advising on skills gap;
  6. Teaching general English, Business English and Economics;
  7. Organising and booking your holiday in Sicily, business trip or day out, while meeting your requests and expectations.

ArtFusions: everything in the world is connected, we are connected”

All you need to do is contact me!

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